My name is Kieran Bell. I am a physiotherapist in Fremantle with over 20 years’ experience in my trade. I graduated in 1995 from Curtin University, Western Australia, worked abroad in the UK health department and a US physical therapy company for 2 years before returning to Qld, SA and finally hometown Perth, WA. I then went into business and developed Biosymm Pty Ltd, a corporate health company that grew over the following 14 years alongside the mineral boom we have just seen here in WA.

Mouat West Physiotherapy is a new venture for me, working close to home as a Physio in Fremantle. I have just wrapped up my time with Biosymm in December 2015.

Biosymm was a good chapter and took me in an occupational health direction, working with big companies developing a like-minded team and then scale. I really enjoyed the learning curve but now am happy to leave that sphere and focus more on a service for individuals and get back to honing the art of helping people. It’s the relationships that develop when working with people that I find most enjoyable. Aside from that, I feel a sense of duty to help others where I can and after 20 years of working in this profession I find I can help with most musculoskeletal conditions.

Mouat West Physiotherapy is a space where I can put this concept to work. I am back to working on my own in Fremantle, directly with my patients and am really enjoying it.

Fremantle, Beaconsfield, Physiotherapy, neck pain, back pain