Fremantle Physiotherapy Services

If you are suffering from a condition such as:

  • Acute neck or back pain
  • Chronic or persistent back pain
  • Headaches
  • Achy joints, tendons or muscles
  • Sports injury or recurring pain when competing
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If you are unsure whether or not to book just yet and would like to discuss your condition with me first, then please call me on 0400 798 071. Leave a message if I don’t pick up and I will contact you.

My Methods

For stiff joints including the spine, I like to use joint mobilisations, which are a gentle way of keeping synovial fluid (the good oil) moving and rinse out noxious fluids that may be causing stiffness and pain. These accumulate after an injury or sometimes even after an awkward sleep position where joints have gotten stiff and sore.

For muscles, I like to use myofascial release and dry needling to stimulate the fluid exchange at a cellular level and reduce unwanted tightness. These two therapeutic techniques will feature in my strategies to reduce symptoms or pain.

For those conditions that have not responded to these acute pain management methods, such as persistent or chronic pain, Cognitive Functional Therapy (CFT) will be my preferred approach as this type of condition is typically more complex and requires a deeper understanding of the neuroscience of pain that stays with us for longer than 3 or so months.

Those that subscribe to the therapist doing all the work end up dependent and poor. See me and you will get homework. Homework will be simple, specific and low drag, that is, quick and easy to do. Done daily it will serve you well.

I like to work closely with competent professionals that complement my skillset in helping people manage their physical condition. Dr Gary Couanis and Dr Simon Jenkins at Sport Exercise Movement in Cottesloe are two of my favourite Sports Physicians to bounce things off and refer cases to should it be required.

Some of my Beliefs

The flawed vision of man sits comfortably with me. What am I talking about? :

  1. We are not perfect. This is OK. The notion of perfection assumes we are the same and there is an ideal we should all strive for (utopic vision of man).
  2. We are all different/unique. Know yourself, that is, strengths and weaknesses and utilise/manage them respectively.

Living is aging. One unreasonable notion that the utopic vision of man would have us believe is that you can slow this condition and attempt to stay forever young. To that I say…be bold, get old.

Aging well requires some work. Past your prime (25-30 years of age for most) you lose muscle condition and connective tissue elasticity. That’s right, you get weaker and less stretchy. How then would one do this well? Strength exercise and stretching. Seems too obvious doesn’t it?

I like to keep it simple.

My focus is on your health and helping you get the most from life.




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