Workers Comp/Motor Vehicle Rehab

Being injured at work or in a motor vehicle accident can be a life-changing event.

The insurance-based health system is not always self-explanatory and navigating through a recovery can be stressful without a guide.
I have 30 years of experience with the compensable health system and like to ensure those injured at work or in motor vehicle accidents are given a chance to access their full entitlements when in rehabilitation. Things like braces, supports, and pain management aids are all covered. Once pain is better managed, I like to open a gym membership close to the patient's home so they can get started on an active recovery with hydrotherapy, pilates, resistance training, and yoga. All these things plus home exercise equipment, are entitlements of the injured patient and with the right help, they are simple enough to access.

Private Patients

We are all different, and that’s great. Your goals are what’s important to me in your recovery.

What are you most interested in getting back to once you recover?

What is stopping you and how can we get you back to your favorite activities?

These are some of the things that drive the recovery process and what I like to focus on.


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